Our company has been working in the roll label sector for decades, working with food, wine and industrial sectors.
In the last few years the demand has increased for special and unique finishes, most of all for the food and wine markets.
This is why we decided to take up the challenge and started to research and develop the wine, beer and food sectors labelling.
High standard labels and high standard professionalism.

Thanks to the quality of our products and the wonderful finishing techniques we use, our company is one of the biggest on-line italian label sellers.
Our customers come from every part of Italy, from Trento to Catania, and also from abroad!
We have in fact clients from USA, UK, Spain and many more european countries.

We have the most cutting-edge digital printing technology and with the laser cutting, we can avoid tooling costs for small and medium quantities.
Our team is composed of specialized technicians, who love their jobs and their skills.

Flexibility. We can provide you with all the printing techniques: offset, standard typography, flexography, silkprinting, hot foil stamping etc.

We always try to provide our customers with a wide range of options, and the one we like the most are the difficult ones: 3D embossing, embossing, braille, hot foil stamping, special die cut, flock: these are some of the amazing works we do here in Tuscany for our customers.

We now have any kind of paper you might need.
Do you need something special?
We also have our own exclusive ecological papers.

Choosing Print Label Online means choosing a team of 40 people with one goal: LABELS!